The Starseed Sacred Circle

The Starseed Sacred Circle by Yolandi Boshoff

Stepping out of the weirdo closet will set you free!

For so long we have been hiding from who we truly are. We have hidden away our glorious ‘weird’ selves for fear of judgement. No more!

In this transformative book, Soul Coach, Yolandi Boshoff tells her deeply personal story of discovering her own Starseed connection and stepping into the wonderful world of Woo Woo straight after choosing to leave her successful corporate career.

She takes you on a journey of self-discovery, dismantling your own judgements and those of the world around you. She delves into the Akashic Records, Starseed Wounds, DNA Activation, Light Language and the relationship with the patriarchy.

You will be guided through her Starseed Sacred Circle work, connecting to your shadow, your truth, your power and your inner wisdom, all whilst learning to work with Mother Gaia, the light beings from Arcturus, Andromeda, Pleiades and Sirius.

This book will inspire you to embrace your magnificent truth. Are you ready?


Shakti Farts and Belly Laughs

The Starseed Sacred Circle by Yolandi Boshoff

What really happens when wild women get together?

In June 2021, in the aftermath of a global pandemic, a group of magical women gathered on retreat in Glastonbury. Basking in warm sunshine, drinking red wine and enjoying the delights of a particular ‘smelly box’, there were belly laughs aplenty.

But the process of coming together wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns. Fears, doubts and old stories bubbled to the surface for everyone, both before and during the retreat. The sister wound runs deep (even when everyone has their own carrot).

In this collaborative book from The Unbound Press, you get to hear from each woman as she shares her experience of coming together in circle.

Ready to join us as the laughs (and tears) flow?



Living Life Goddess Powered

I am so proud to be a co-author of this amazing book.

Living Life Goddess Powered is a for all women who are ready to awaken their confidence, worth, and truth.

For women who are ready to reclaim their inner Goddess and rise.

For women who are ready to feel good about themselves again and allow that magic to flow through them out into the world.

The book is a collection of wisdom infused stories from spiritual leaders from around the world. The stories are inspirational and come with practical guidance of how you can begin to take the steps to live life feeling confident, balanced, and connected.

Begin your journey today towards living your life Goddesspowered!

Goddess Powered Entrepreneur

I feature as a co-author in this book.

Within the pages of this book, you will learn and be inspired by 13 incredible soul-led female entrepreneurs who are tuning into their soul’s purpose and allowing their journey as an entrepreneur to be a one of flow, alignment, and heart connection.

“The journey of Entrepreneurship is one of the most transformative paths you could ever walk. Each little step that you take is calling a part of who you are back to you. This can be hard, and we have to learn to trust ourselves, listen to ourselves and take responsibility for all our choices. But that is really the best part, because there will be a moment when you feel that flow, when you hear your Soul and it will all be worth it. That moment when you remember who you are.” – Yolandi Boshoff, Co-Author


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