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It is time for the Starseed Lightworkers to shine

Know Thyself

For so long many of us have felt the heaviness of being in this 3D reality.  Struggling with being here and living life as an Empath.

Have you been in the space of trying to understand – Who am I?

Trying to figure this all out alone? 

Trying to makes sense of why you feel like you don’t belong? 

Because I see you every day showing up in my space and I know how it feels to be lost and alone, I am launching the Sacred Circle Group Course.

This 6 month journey is life-changing

So after years of making my spiritual journey way harder than it needs to be, I connected with my Higher Self and my Guides and asked them to show me how to simplify the journey of self-discovery.

I was shown the beautiful medicine wheel, the sacred circle, used by the Star People and the ancients to create balance in their lives. I saw how I could use this in my own life to create balance and how to help others use this tool as well. 

I was shown how to help you connect to your truth again, to take away the layers of lifetimes of pain and judgement and find yourself again.  Through my medicine wheel process you can reconnect with your Soul and your purpose here on this magical planet.

This course will bring you back to you.  Let me show you the way to your truth again and help you to reconnect to your Soul.

You will find yourself again!

Let me hold your hand through this process, step by step I will walk with you towards your divine essence.  I will help you deal with the fears, the scary stuff that you can’t even imagine connecting with.  Once you have gone through that deep process of unleashing your potential, we will nurture and create your brand new vision from that space.  The world is so full of possibilities and that is what I am here to show you, everything is filled with magic and you can access that too.  

You can create a life that is worth living, a life of purpose and of giving back.

You can create a life that is worth living, a life of purpose and of giving back.

Here is an outline of the 6 month journey to your spiritual growth and purpose:

Here is an outline of the 6 month journey to your spiritual growth and purpose:

May 2020 &

June 2020

  • Delving into the darkness to uncover the light
  • Uncover your connection with Mother Gaia
  • Unleash the Shaman within


  • Uncovering and owning your truth
  • Working with the Starseed energies of Andromeda
  • Own the warrior within

July 2020 &

August 2020

  • Working with flow and universal energies
  • Connecting with Sirius Starseeds
  • Embody the Healer within


  • Reconnecting with your Power
  • Learning from the Pleiadeans
  • Stepping into the Priestess energy

September 2020 &

October 2020

  • Creating balance within
  • Tapping into Arcturian wisdom
  • Live as the Wisdom Keeper


  • Bonus month 6!
  • Creating the vision for your new future
  • Integrating the changes



  • Monthly group Zoom call to explain the modules and help you understand the process for the month of learning
  • Weekly meditations to imprint all the changes we are creating
  • Monthly activations to help you connect to your truth
  • Monthly workbooks containing all that you need to know to assist on this journey
  • Access to our private Facebook group for ongoing support and to share your truth

This course is for you if you are willing to be vulnerable, to face and release your pain, and to find your joy again.  If you are ready to do the work join us for this life changing course!

My wish is that you realise how much potential and love you hold within and how you are now able to set yourself free from all that was holding your back.

Now is the time to start putting yourself first

Decide to take the leap and move into alignment with your Soul.  Finally understand your connection to the Universe and to your Higher Self.

Join me now, embody your Higher Self and live your role as a Lightworker for Mother Gaia!

Join me now, embody your Higher Self and live your role as a Lightworker for Mother Gaia!

I gained the courage to step up and reclaim my power

 For the first time in my life, I met myself through Yolandi. She opened the flood gates of awakening even wider as I allowed it to take me wherever it needed to flow. She allowed a space where I could safely enter, meeting myself on a soul level, meeting my guides during this experience. With her loving, gentle, professional and kick-some-ass approach, I finally gained the courage to step up and reclaim my power.

Yolandi is truly a light-warrior; showing us our light and awakening the warrior essence within each of us. I highly recommend Yolandi as your Coach, Akashic Records reader – whatever Yolandi offers, know that you are in for a treat and won’t be disappointed.

– Ash Bredenhann


Yolandi’s wisdom coupled with her practical solutions to everyday situations in both my personal and professional life has proven to be priceless to me. Yolandi is always professional, compassionate, patient and incredibly present. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to make positive long-term changes in their life or just need a voice of reason when things feel heavy or uncertain.

– Leche Brits

I love her realness

Having done the Akashic Record course with Yolandi has opened up a whole new aspect of understanding and wisdom of the world we live in. Her guidance, clarity and wisdom gave me confidence, belief and trust that I could manage to complete and also practice Akashic Record Readings and in that way heal and help others. I love her realness and she makes this profound technique something fun and easy to use with the intention of healing hearts and guide humanity towards the light we all have inside.

– Catherine Nyquist

a life-changing experience

Meeting Yolandi two years ago and having my Akashic records read by her was a life-changing experience for me. The information and insight I gained helped me to find more inner peace and to make huge shifts in my life.

There are many things about Yolandi which I appreciate highly, of which the most significant to me are: her focus is always on what’s in the client’s best interests; she is very courageous and not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve, to show herself warts and all; and despite her extraordinary gifts, she remains grounded, down to earth, and real. Thank you for coming into my life, Yolandi, and for being my friend.

– Saul Goldblatt

Tried, tested and loved by my being

Yolandi told me so much about myself, and how to get connected with my higher self. She taught me the importance of personal barriers and how to let go of fear and things that is keeping you from becoming and loving your true beautiful self.

Yolandi stays connected with her clients and helps them on their journeys. I have grown so much in my spiritual life since I’ve met her. I can truly say that my life has improved, because the real me is understanding and vibrating differently. I can’t wait to join her weekly meditations on Facebook.

Yolandi became my muse, and I can whole heartedly recommend her truthful services to all.

Tried, tested and loved by my being.

– Ilonel Birmingham

a truly beautiful soul

Yolandi is truly a beautiful soul. By being authentic, speaking her truth and utilizing her gifts she has guided and coached me on my path to discover my own truth. I now have direction and purpose in my life and a greater understanding of my soul and how I can authentically express myself and live in alignment with what my soul is wanting to express.

– Shanthini Kesaru-Anthony







I’m Yolandi!

A lightworker, spiritual coach and teacher with a passion for travel, exploring sacred sites and adventure.

I am passionate about teaching and sharing my experiences and using practical tools for creating bliss and abundance in your life.

I believe in giving guidance and steering you towards your own personal truth and way. We are not here to blindly follow, but we are here to seek and find our own path, our own truth and our own joy.

We have just forgotten how to listen to our Divine Inner Wisdom, so I am here to show you how to get back to your purpose.

My passion is working with the Akashic Records, I have extensively studied the Records and have read for 100s and 100s of people around the world.

I draw from my experience as a Reiki Master, Certified NLP Life Coach and Energy Healer. As a gridkeeper for Mother Gaia and channel of Light Language I travel around the world to activate portals, vortexes and song lines.