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JUST BE!!! You’ve gotta be kidding me…

On Friday night at the start of our Becoming You retreat, we had a deck of cards with the animals who chose to teach us this weekend and you blindly selected one for yourself. So mine was beautiful Jampa, a cheetah with the most relaxed temperament ever. Completely against my usual state of being which is busy, rushed, always moving and on a mission.

BUT I knew the Universe was speaking loudly here!! And I am a firm believer in listening or facing the consequences of my non-listening action and usually it ends up with me flat on my back, ill and forced to listen.

So on Saturday night at Panthera Africa, we were given the opportunity to observe and be with our chosen animals at the sanctuary. As I sat outside his enclosure observing, Jampa started purring so loudly. As I closed my eyes and listened to that sound my whole world stopped, my mind stopped and I just started breathing to the rhythm of that purr. Nothing mattered and all I felt was him showing me how we all have this ability to be out of the chaos, the highway of life. Even as I am sat here now, watching the ocean and reliving that moment, my entire body is happy and connected with that sacred rhythm.

So my beautiful cheetah teacher made me look at this journey so differently. He made me realise that to survive this world I have to be in my sacred rhythm, connected to my breath and doing this at my own pace. Not the pace that the world wants us to believe that we need to be racing at. Divine timing is the magic that we invite in then.

So what do you need to get into your sacred rhythm, where are you rushing, driven by fear and false illusions and expectations?

It is okay to take time to be…

That is the time when the universe takes over and runs with the intentions that you have created and set into motion. So your doing and action, if underpinned by the right vibration of wanting to serve, will blossom if you take time to be….

RIP JAMPA – he sadly passed away in September 2019.  He was a beautiful Soul that brought so much healing to myself and many others out there.  Thanks for being you and for reminding us of our own beauty.