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It’s time to make a choice…

As I sat in the beautiful stone circle, I drew some cards. I knew as I got in the car this morning that I was choosing rebirth. The act of listening and driving to this spot an hour away from my house started the wheel turning.

As I got to the spot Google maps showed there was no entrance and I had to drive on and hope for the best. I eventually found the closed down shop and gate that I needed to go through. And as I walked onto the farmers field I had no idea where I was heading, and then magically a cute dog ran up to me and the owner greeted me and gave me directions to the 9 Stones.

I found the magical circle with the 9 stones and immediately felt at peace. I lay the cards out and the middle one was decision. So this whole week I have been wrapping my head and heart around changing and letting go of the old. The comfy old that I had grown so fond of, but everything was pointing in the direction of change.

So as I sat there and connected with the stones and Mother Gaia, I had no choice, my whole being wants this new path, it wants the unknown.

So I lay down in the circle and just let go of everything I thought I wanted. I created a brand new canvas. I was so aware that staying the same will just make me tumble into a spiral of hopelessness, so I knew I had to do it.

I committed, I told the universe I am in!
I still don’t know where we are heading but I got onto the train and we are leaving the station today!!!

So if you are ready to let go, get onto the train and come for the ride into the magical unknown, then join me tonight for my Soul meditation in the Divine Soul Tribe. The beautiful energy of Divine Love will be there to hold and guide you. .
The new part of you that is wanting to be birthed will thank you 🙏💚🙏💚