There’s something about the power of our voices – you know, our ACTUAL spoken voices – that seems to be coming to the surface right now.

Of course, I’m ALL about the magic of writing, but it feels important that we’re also speaking our words at this time.

So, this week in The Unbound Writer’s Club podcast I’m delighted to be talking to unbound author @yolandi_divine_soul about creating an audiobook.

Yolandi’s transformative book, The Starseed Sacred Circle, takes you on a journey of self-discovery, equipping you with life-changing processes to weave into your lives.

In this episode:

💜 The importance of the spoken voice

💜 Letting go of judgment and setting yourself free

💜 Why did Yolandi create an audio version?

💜 Practical process of recording an audiobook

💜 Reclaiming your voice and wisdom

💜 Connecting with your words in a different way when you read them out loud

💜 Unbinding from the patriarchy

💜 What’s Yolandi working on at the moment?

💜 Trusting the puzzle pieces will fall into place