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You have to do it this way!!!!

I heard myself saying this and I recoiled in horror.

What the hell was I busy doing??

My 10 year old boy stood there, eyes wide and not knowing what to say to me.

I stopped, I watched him and I realised what I was doing.Just then my husband walked past and said – why don’t you make a prototype and see what will work…..

So let’s paint the picture. It is almost Halloween time and our son, being part of the Eco Council at his new school decided that it is a good idea to make a costume instead of buying one. Me on the other hand looking at this sees the mommy making the outfit and him sitting back watching.  So I decide I need to involve him.

He wants a Minecraft Zombie outfit and my first idea is to use some cardboard and make the outfit from that, seeing that they are all blockie characters anyways what can be so hard.  But to add complexity to the situation he now has a halloween disco at school the day after that he wants to wear this to and he wants to be able to move his arms and dance (he does hip hop so he is a bit of a show off).

My initial design did not include a movement ability and this in turn is extremely important to the little man. And me already not into this whole idea of ‘having’ to make this costume wanted the quickest way out of here at all costs. But I listened to the wise husband, gave the little man paper and sellotape and sent him on his merry way to show me how he would design this costume.

Off he went and got back a few minutes later with a wonderful prototype and my brain could see that it was workable and he could swing his arms and dance the night away.

So here is the thing….

I had a choice here and I think this is true for most things in life, my first option was to ignore external advice and just bulldoze on in the energy of it has to be done my way or I could allow myself to be shown a different way (one which turned out to be much better than my own way). So often we become set in our ways, pig headed about stuff because it is easier and in my comfort zone, but what if we allowed ourselves to be guided by someone else.

So let’s say you are facing an obstacle at the moment – what if you allowed yourself to sit still, close your eyes and ask for some guidance, to look at things in a different and new way. What if you found an answer that you never thought possible??

So for me it was such a big lesson – two guides (husband and son) – showing me that sometimes I need to look at things slightly differently and it will result in grace and flow.

Needless to say we ended up having the most amazing morning of building, constructing and painting this fabulous outfit. He loved every minute and was jumping for joy. So like they say, you are never to old to learn!

Thanks little man for being my constant teacher!