As I sat down this morning to draw some cards for my week, I drew this beauty. She is all about the one who inspires others but she does not do the work for them.

This then made me think of my role currently in the lives of my clients. As so many women and men who step through my zoom door daily is showing me that our deepest darkest fears are now coming into our awareness. As we move closer to our truth and our power all the darkness wants to rise and make you fear it all.

As you start rising the chains of fear latches onto your ankle and keeps you stuck, stopping you from getting closer to the vision that you feel in your bones.

So this time calls for courage. Your coaches and healers can lead you to the door. They can open the door and show you how it looks on the other side and they can cheer you on and make you see all the Divine potential and light that you carry.

But you have to jump…

You have to make that choice. That choice that makes you feel sick to your stomach. That choice that makes your palms sweat, your breath quicken and your heart race.

You and only you.

Are you willing to be brave? Are you willing to place the fear to the side and jump off the cliff?

Birthing this new age is one of the biggest challenges those supporting the Divine Feminine has ever faced. Every fear we have ever carried will be shown to us now, but we have to walk courageously back into the fire. The fires that burnt our ancestors, our selves and those we loved.

So walk with me to the edge and let’s jump together. The world, Mother Gaia and other gorgeous Souls needs you and your voice now, more than ever. Be that change!!!

It is time.


Many thanks to the amazing ‘The Muse Tarot Deck’ by Chris-Anne for the inspiration today.