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Sit, wait and just be!!! 🤯🤯

So it is six days away from us leaving the country and my being is bursting with new ideas for work and I just want to keep myself busy for the next 10 years with everything my brain is throwing my way.😵🌌✨
And then it hits me, as I get the message of just be. My standard avoidance technique for having to deal with stuff is to get busy, then I don’t have time to look inside.🙈

As it was just full moon all my fears and doubts about moving has been amplified, my fears about not having a clue where this move is taking me in terms of my spiritual work. And then I was reminded again of the energies we are working with at the moment, and this is true for a lot of us. June feels like a month of being lost, uncertainty. And that is exactly where we need to be…

So in order for me to deal with this feeling of being in a void with nothing to cling to, I have to hold on to who I am. By knowing myself, my place in the universe and how blessed I am, why do I need to worry. The earth will keep spinning, everything will continue as it should so why make it harder than it needs to be.

My job right now is to keep on returning to my own truth, to the support that I have around me from people and the beautiful angels. And just dance into the nothingness and enjoy it.  Soon enough the moment will come when clarity will bowl me over and I wish I had time to be.

So don’t fear this, be in it, love it. Say thanks for the time you have to spend with loved ones, in nature and with yourself.
Enjoy just being ✨👌😍