One thing I always like to do, seeing that my birthday is close to the end of the year is to work out my personal year number.  So what is this?

So first let me say I am no numerology expert so please do go and research this further for more in-depth information.  But here is the long and short of it.

At the beginning of each year there is a Universal Year number – this is the theme for the collective for that year.  So we calculate it as follows – you add up all the numbers of the year ahead – 2+0+2+1=5 – this indicates that the Universal Year number for 2021 will be a 5.

So, what does a 5 theme mean – it’s all about change and breaking free from old ways and patterns.  I am giggling here because this was my personal year number for 2020 and man oh man did I play with this theme.

Now for you personally you have a personal year number and you calculate it as follows:

Your Birth Month – December – 1+2=3

Your Birth Day – 16 – 1+6=7

The Current Year – 2021 – 2+0+2+1=5

Now add all these numbers together – 3+7+5=15 and then take the 15 and add it together 1+5=6

So this is my personal year number for 2021.  This means that I work with the theme of the number six.

I have done this for the past 4 years and it always amazes me how it aligns.  It also helps me to place my focus for the year and make sure I am aligned with my numbers going forward.  Here is a breakdown of the 9 different personal years:

Personal Year 1 – New beginnings
This is a new cycle for you so make sure you look at what you want to create going forward.

Personal Year 2 – Relationships
More focus on emotions and also creating new relationships and friendships in this cycle.

Personal Year 3 – Creativity and fun
Creating and really connecting with authentic self-expression sprinkled with fun!

Personal Year 4 – Hard work
This cycle is about slow and steady progress and creating new foundations

Personal Year 5 – Change and freedom
A cycle of personal freedom and flexibility

Personal Year 6 – Love and family
Focusing more on your own surroundings and service to others

Personal Year 7 – Spiritual development
A cycle of personal introspection and enhancing consciousness

Personal Year 8 – Empowerment and finances
Stepping back into your own power and reaping the rewards

Personal Year 9 – Completion of the cycle
Finishing off, letting go and preparing for the new

So if this is leaving you with more questions about what you want to achieve and create this year and you are still feeling uncertain – then feel free to book a Soul Guidance session with me – in my session with you we connect and speak directly with the Soul, we find out what the biggest desire is for you right now and get the guidance you need to move into this year with confidence and direction. You can check out more details on this offer here.

So let me know what you got and how you feel about it!  I am intrigured by my 6 year and can already feel that energy showing itself in my life.
Much love Yolandi