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DNA Activation



Within each of us there are gifts and magic that is lying dormant.  Science have shown us that more than 95% of our DNA is described as JUNK DNA, nobody knows what it is supposed to be doing there.  This is where Spiritual and Cosmic DNA Activation comes in.

Activating your DNA allows you to open up to your Soul gifts.  You will connect with your Shadows, heal those parts of you that you have been too scared to face before.  Remove the seals that is stopping you from fully connecting with your spiritual gifts and being able to own your spiritual messages and guidance from your Divine Soul.

Spiritual and Cosmic DNA activation initiates you into the Mary Magdalene Sisterhood consciousness and your Magdalene Lineage codes.  During the process of activation you unlock your Sacred Siddhi Essence of your Higher Self and deepen your connection with your Soul.

During the DNA activation journey you will let go and heal many aspects of your ancient self, you will awaken again to the expansiveness of your Higher Self, you will remember your magnificent connection with the Divine and all that you bring into this world.

The process is like a beautiful Soul make-over!  Taking all that is already within you and just showing it to the world out there.  This journey is a profound one that will shift the way you see yourself and how you show up in the world.  It changed my life and I want to share this with you now.  Watch the videos below for more in-depth information about getting activated.

24 Strand Activation:

3 X 1-on-1 sessions with Yolandi.  Include a Report and your recordings of the sessions.
Session 1 – 12 Strand DNA Activation
Session 2 – 13-24 Strand DNA Activation24-strand DNA
Session 3 – Guidance and integration after activation

25-48 Strand Activation:

3 X 1-on-1 sessions with Yolandi.  Include a Report and your recordings of the sessions.
Session 1 – 25-36 Strand DNA Activation
Session 2 – 37-48 Strand DNA Activation24-strand DNA
Session 3 – Guidance and integration after activation

Contact me directly if you require a payment plan for the activations – I am happy to discuss options with you.

A Client experience of her dna activation – filmed for level up tv

Blog post and Podcast of my own personal experience


Now is the time to start putting yourself first

Take the leap and move into alignment with your Soul.  Finally understand your connection to the Universe and to your own Divine Soul.


I gained the courage to step up and reclaim my power

 For the first time in my life, I met myself through Yolandi. She opened the flood gates of awakening even wider as I allowed it to take me wherever it needed to flow. She allowed a space where I could safely enter, meeting myself on a soul level, meeting my guides during this experience. With her loving, gentle, professional and kick-some-ass approach, I finally gained the courage to step up and reclaim my power.

Yolandi is truly a light-warrior; showing us our light and awakening the warrior essence within each of us.

– Ash Bredenhann

A direct message from your soul

I have worked with Yolandi Boshoff on DNA activation, found to be really profound experience, its a direct message from the SOUL for this lifetime what it wants to experience. Such a deep level of information came out which I would not have been able to get it out myself.
Love her energy I could see how beautiful it transmits, I am inspired by you and look forward to many more adventures in this Journey.

– Sabina Aditi

I feel so complete and whole!

The very first chat I had with Yolandi was inspiring in itself.  I could feel her ‘lightness’ and the ‘freedom’ in her voice with a very gentle and loving approach that I wanted for myself.  I signed up instantly to her DNA activations (all 48), as I knew I just had to do this.  No doubts in me at all.  All the DNA activation sessions have been wonderful, giving me a lot of further insights to myself and who I am, plus a lot of confirmations of my ’strange behaviours’ among many things that suddenly was consolidated in an instant to being what ‘I am supposed to do’, but at the time not knowing why, I was doing it or experiencing certain things.  The clarity that has come from these sessions, the openness to the ‘mystical’ within me, the messages that come through so much easier and better than ever before, are all things I had been asking for for years, and now I have it with so much more trust than ever before.  I am a totally different being and love my life so much more.  I am much more in the moment, and much more in joy – the struggles and difficulties have taken a backseat to the point I am excited about my day and next meditation.  I really feel I am stepping into my power and can’t wait to see what’s more to come from the DNA activations that just finished recently.  Yolandi, I can’t thank you enough for your very empowering, exciting, informative and beautiful sessions.  I feel so complete and whole! 

– Gitte Kolandjian

open up to a whole new world of possibilities

I had my DNA activated through Yolandi. It was such an amazing experience. The messages she brought to me are really profound. The DNA work not only reinforces the things that are so close to my heart but also opens up doors to so many Dimensions that I could never have imagined before. She is a lovely person. She has the most beautiful voice and I love to listen to her light language. She puts great emphasis on the shadow work, encourages her clients to step out of their comfort zone and truly empowers them to open up to a whole new world of possibilities.

Thank you Yolandi for your amazing work.

– Manju K

A Life-Changing Experience

I recently completed the DNA Activation sessions with Yolandi and it has been a life-changing experience.

The information which I received, and the energetic work she did, resulted in my having a much greater sense – in fact I’d say a knowingness – of who I am and what my purpose is.

– Saul Goldblatt

Mindblowingly Incredible

There are no other words for it, my DNA activations with Yolandi have been mindblowingly incredible.

After the first session I wasn’t even sure what had happened, only to wake up the next morning realising that I wasn’t scared or doubtful anymore…

– Ceryn Rowntree

a truly beautiful soul

Yolandi is truly a beautiful soul. By being authentic, speaking her truth and utilizing her gifts she has guided and coached me on my path to discover my own truth. I now have direction and purpose in my life and a greater understanding of my soul and how I can authentically express myself and live in alignment with what my soul is wanting to express.

– Shanthini Kesaru-Anthony



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